Thursday, 26 September 2019

Spinning with hand spindle and spinning wheel

Spinning at the Clydebuilt Festival in Glasgow

At different occasions I have recently demonstrated the art of hand spinning sheep's wool with hand spindle and spinning wheel. I also introduced to and taught a few people this ancient textile art. 
For thousand of years in many areas of this world animal and plant fibres have been spun by hand, using a simple tool: a drop spindle. 
Later the more technical advanced spinning wheel was invented for hand spinning. I have a variety of drop spindles and a spinning wheel, which I all enjoy using to teach and share my skills in hand spinning. Some drop spindles have the whorl on top of the stick others at the bottom end. 

A few different drop spindles
My Ayrshire spinning wheel
I shall soon facilitate a hand spinning workshop for teachers, using drop spindles. Thinking of the pupils, who might then learn hand spinning I have made a simple drop spindle. I was using four straight wooden sticks of similar length and one stick about three times the length of the four shorter sticks. I really love this simple and easy to make tool!  
I wonder whether the teachers will get enthusiastic about making a drop spindle with their pupils? I'll definitely encourage them to make themselves a simple drop spindle. 
An old CD attached to a stick with some bluetack would also do the job. Even though it is quite light weight and might not twirl for long. 

Easy to make drop spindle

Spinning demonstration with the simple self made drop spindle

I am remembering when I was a teenager of 15 years I had made my very first hand spindle in a holiday summer camp, and I learned hand spinning with this self made tool. I later learned spinning with a spinning wheel. Some years after I trained to become a hand-weaver and spinning sheep's wool and sometimes silk was part of my training. 
All my life I love making things and being creative. This is just one of many examples. It is very rewarding to create and in this case of making another hand spindle, to see the outcome being useful, easy to achieve and from natural sustainable material. 
If you have any questions about hand spinning or the tools mentioned or would like to learn hand spinning with drop spindle or spinning wheel please contact me.

Friday, 30 November 2018

Welcome to the Winter Fair at GalGael on Saturday 01. December

Come along to a great day of fantastic craft stalls, demonstrations, home baking, carol singing and more...and meet lovely folk.  

Buy from local crafts people and support Galgael!
Venue: GalGael at 15 Fairley Street, G51 2SN, Glasgow

I'll be there with my felted items.

Neelde felted companions :-)
Needle felted gnome
Wet felted bracelet
Toadstool with gnome, neeedle felted
Felted landscape

Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Create a seamless pouch, wrist cuffs or vessel

In this half day wet felt workshop you'll learn to create a seamless felt item e. g.  a pouch, a pair of wrist cuffs or a vessel. With colourful sheep’s wool fibres, warm water, soap and friction you’ll learn to felt around a template to create a hollow felt item. You can create your own design choosing from many colour shades. Then the fluffy soft wool fibres will be transformed into a firm, felted useful item. It’s great fun to experience the process of wet felting.  Craft experience and basic felt experience are welcome. If you are new to wet felting it is useful to first participate in a beginner wet felt workshop. If wet felting is new to you but you have craft experience, then I recommend to create a felt item like a pouch.
This workshop is suitable for children age 10+ with interest in craft and accompanied by an adult. 
Price: £25 max. 4 participants. Please book and pay in advance to secure your place. 

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Winter fairs at GalGael and Milngavie Makers Market

Meet me and my felted goodies at 2 Winter fairs:  

Winter Fair at GalGael on Saturday 25. November, 11am-4pm, 15 Fairley Street in Glasgow - Ibrox

Milngavie Makers Market on Saturday, 02. December, 11am- 4pm in Milngavie near train station