Felted hats, berets and nuno felted scarves

Woolly warm hats in all sizes for cold days and warm heads and nuno felted scarves
Reversible dark red hat felted with pure merino wool
One of the larger Shetland wool berets

Turquoise merino wool beret

Reversible blue merino wool lady's hat. This side is made with red wisps.

Other side of blue lady's hat.
Bluebell hat for a toddler
I love Shetland wool for felting, because it is so very fine and soft. I felted many berets from Shetland wool sometimes combining it with soft and dyed merino wool.

The shetland beret for a skipper

That's one of the bigger Shetland wool berets I've felted.

Shetland wool beret from the back
White/brown ladies shetland wool beret

White/brown soft shetland wool beret

In Autums 2012 I was asked to felt another giant Shetland wool beret 39cm in diameter. It was commissioned from a man in New Zealand, who collects berets from all over the world. This hand felted one was still missing in his collection. I love it, when the felted items, which I created, travel to different parts of the world and find new friends. There are 99+ different ways to wear this beret. This is what Daan, the owner of my second giant Shetland wool beret writes in his blog: http://beretandboina.blogspot.com/2012/10/shetland-skipper-beret.html

Here the female style to wear this giant beret
...and this could be the male way to wear the giant beret.

And a few month later in April 2013 somebody saw the giant Shetland wool beret on the beret project's blog and commissioned an even bigger beret with 48cm diameter! Here it is:

Just 5 weeks later I felted a beautiful red merino wool giant beret for the same person. Here it is:

Green-grey reversible beret

Grey and green side of beret

Reversible ladie's beret from grey shetlandic and purple/ lilac merino wool. 
Grey shetland wool and lilac shades of merino wool

Lilac shades of merino wool

Purple-red merino wool beret

Reversible grey shetland wool and dyed merino wool ladie's beret
Strawberry hat for a toddler

Grey shetland wool and dyed merino wool beret

Nuno felted scarves using chiffon silk, cotton musslin and merino wool, corridale wool or shetland wool

I love felt making and even more nuno felting. The combination of an airy silk chiffon with sheep's wool is just amazing and inspiring.  
Shetland wool and chiffon silk collar with a felted button closure 



Blended merino wool and chiffon silk

Nuno scarf with Shetland wool and a light cotton voile fabric
Nuno scarf with grey shetland wool and blue / turquoise 
merino wool shades, combined with cotton voile

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