Monday, 23 December 2013

Looking forward to another year of creative felting! 
In 2014 I will more concentrate on needle felted Nature beings: dwarfs, gnomes, elves.... and fairies anyway. I will offer needle felt workshops for creating your very unique Nature being. Please, watch this space! 

Friday, 20 December 2013

Hot water bottel cover

Felting a hot water bottle cover was my wish for quite a while...and here it is! For the base I used white Shetland wool, which I got as a fleece and washed, teased and carded. 

Hot water bottle cover in progress

Looking for an appropriate design I used brown-, red-, orange- and yellow shades from merino wool for the fiery embellishment. I love the cover and it is so cozy and soft and of course warm.  

The fiery finished cover

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

A fantastic day at GalGael's Christmas Fayre last Saturday

Last Saturday the 14th of December I had a stall at the fantastic Christmas Fayre in Galgael (
Kids and adults enjoyed a day of meeting friends, making new friends, enjoying delicious home made soup, cakes, coffee, tea and much more. All stalls were selling hand made and creatively, beautifully designed items. Galgael had wooden chopping boards, wooden coasters, benches made from recycled whiskey barrels and more wooden products made in GalGael's workshop for sale.If you've missed this fayre,...there will probably  be a next fayre in Spring. You can subscribe to GalGael's newsletter to get all the news in time.

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Afternoon felt workshop in Galgael, in Ibrox / Glasgow Thursday, the 12th of Dec. 4-5.30pm

Felting is a traditional skill that has been practiced for thousands of years. We still practice it here in GalGael and are happy to teach you how to do it!

The aim of this workshop is to learn the basic skills of traditional wet felting, using natural and colourful sheep’s wool fibers, warm water, soap and friction.

You will:
● learn to felt a flat piece e.g. a little picture,

a felted piece for a brooch or a felted flower
● experiment with colours and design
● take home a unique piece of hand made felt.

At the end of the workshop you will have your own felted items and have learned a new and traditional skill.
Please bring 1 towel and a plastic bag for your finished work.

Cost: £5 including material
Please feel free to invite your friends!
Workshop facilitator: Laryna E. Wuppermann, Fiber craft artist
Please book asap, as places are limited
GalGael office: 0141/ 427 30 70
Venue: Galgael, 15 Fairley Street, G51 2SN Glasgow/Ibrox

Thursday, 17 October 2013

A mermaid and a water landscape

Needle felted mermaid
After spending several hours to create this needle felted mermaid, I eventually finished her on the Felt United day Saturday, 5th of October.I really enjoyed the process of creating this water woman from fluffy sheep's wool! 

One of the participants of the felt workshop on Felt United day had felted a water landscape and brought it to the workshop to then finish the landscape adding needle felted features to it. 

Wet felted water landscape

Needle felted features added 

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Felt workshop on this years FeltUnited day, Saturday, 5th of October

The theme for this years FeltUnited day is WATEROn Saturday 5th October 2013 people from all around the globe will join together to celebrate working with felt. Join us in Glasgow/UK and share in the fun! We will celebrate our wonderful yet ancient craft and get our creative juices flowing!
I've already started a felt collaboration with my felter colleague Moira, working on the theme WATER and enjoying it. 
Are you up for felt fun in a day workshop on Saturday, the 5th of October,10.30am - 4pm in Glasgow/Bishopbriggs? 
We will spend a fabulous day in a group of felt friends of all skill levels! Beginners are welcome! You can do wet and/or needle felting. Here's a link to the FeltUnited website.
This workshop is not a teaching workshop of a certain felt technique; even I hope, you get lots of ideas and learn something new about felt making and share your own experience with others.
You can either use the wool, fabric and tools provided or bring your own material. I would like to ask for a basic pay of £15, exclusive wool or other material. There will be a separate charge for wool and other material used, depending on your usage.
If you would like to stay for a shorter period of time and not for the full workshop, please feel free to do so. Just please, let me know about in advance.
Tea, coffee and biscuits provided.
Please bring along: 
  • 1 towel for wet felting and 1 plastic bag for the finished item.
  • your own ideas about the theme WATER! :-) 
  • wool and other material to include in your felt project, if you want to use your own material.  
  • a packed lunch, or you can buy a lunch in shops nearby.  
Please, book your place asap, as places are limited!
Venue: Laryna E. Wuppermann, 63 Crowhill Road, G64 1QY, Glasgow/ Bishopbriggs (3 min walk from train station) 
Mobile: 07503210416
Send an email

A couple of felt projects with the theme WATER

Water fairy
Nuno scarf
Case for a pair of glasses

Mobile phone bag

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Wet felt class on Saturday, 31. of August 10.30am - 1.30pm

Wrist cuffs
Felt making is an ancient technique to create a woolen fabric. It is amazing to experience the transformation from fluffy sheep’s wool into a sturdy fabric, using warm water, soap and friction! 

In this wet felt class you will...
  • learn about the process of wet felting
  • experiment with colours and design
  • use a template to create a seamless, hollow vessel e.g. a pouch, a little bag or wrist cuffs.
Please bring a towel, a bar of glycerine soap (e.g. pears) and a plastic bag for your finished items. 
Tea will be provided. 
Cost: £20/£16 
This class is for beginners and intermediate. 

For 4 participants only.
Please book in advance to secure your place! 
Venue: 63 Crowhill Road, G64 1QY, Glasgow/ Bishopbriggs, 3 minutes walk from Bishopbriggs station
Email:  Mobile: 07503 210 416

Cases for a pair of glasses and a mobile phone

Cases for a pair of glasses and a mobile phone

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

My needle felted dwarfs in my garden and out and about

Dwarfs in my garden

During the last months my passion for needle felting unfolded, when I needle felted woolly dwarfs. As I first worked the dwarf's body from coarse white or brown sheep's wool, shaping the head, body and limbs the little being became slowly alive. Mostly I used natural or dyed Shetland wool for the clothes, which I needle felted on the body, related to the unique character of the dwarf. 
Ah. it is fun, to experience the process of creating a little Nature Being! The most exciting part of the process is, when I create the face: the nose, the mouth and the expression of the eyes. That's just amazing, how the dwarf becomes alive, with a very unique expression of it's being! 
If you would like to buy one of the little woolly dwarfs ( They sell quickly!), or would you like me to create a very personal dwarf for you, please get in contact!
Would you like to create your own woolly needle felted dwarf or fairy, please feel free to contact me, as I run regular felt workshops in the Glasgow area.  
One day I took the dwarfs and went out for a walk to show them a lovely spot, North of Glasgow: Campsie Glen. I hope they liked it; I definitely did :-)    
You can see them here:

Little dwarf holding a bag with a treasure

Stone dwarf
Dwarf with mushrooms

On the roots of a big beech tree

Here they gather in the grass

Gathering dwarfs
Gathering dwarfs on a rock near the river

Here the dwarf family has expanded by a dwarf lady!

All the present members of the dwarf family are gathering in my garden

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Here it is: The beautiful giant red merino wool beret!

Wow, what a beautiful colour!  Another giant felt beret commission! This time it's made from red merino wool.

So many ways to wear a giant felt beret :-) I guess, it's time to make a beret for myself! I would prefer green or blue shades for myself. Anybody else want one? Could be a normal sized beret too. Here you can find more hats on this blog. Just send me an email and I would be happy to create a personalized hand felted beret for you!

Two needle felt workshops in GalGael in Thu. 27th of June and Thu. 11th of July 2013, 4-5.30pm

Please, check out the following link to find out more! 

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

A giant shetland wool beret

Giant Shetland wool beret

End of  April I received an order to felt another even bigger Shetland wool beret: 48cm in diameter! Wow, what a great challenge!
Last Autumn I had felted a light brown Shetland wool beret with 38cm in diameter as a commission for The Beret Project in New Zealand. 
The 38cm in diameter Shetland wool beret 
for "The Beret Project" in New Zealand.

I love Shetland wool and was feeling excited. The resist for this 48cm in diameter beret was 57cm in diameter, as there is a lot of shrinkage for a felted piece. 
I then felted my biggest ever Shetland wool beret with 48cm in diameter! I layered out 3 layers of wool for each side and felted the beret with warm water, soap and friction. 
The first layer of wool

Lots of rubbing to help the fibers to interconnect.

Felted, but still 58cm wide!
The whole for the head

So, get it to shrink! Rolling, rolling, rollng!
It was hard work at the end to waulk and shrink the beret into a sturdy fabric.
The hat band was felted separately and sewn on by hand.

It's done: 48cm and a sturdy, stiff fabric !
 Now, there are 100 ways to wear this giant beret. Here are just 3 of them, modeled by myself!

 After a 10 days journey in a parcel, the giant beret arrived safely in its destination in the U.S.A. 
I the meantime I received another commission for a giant beret, same size and in red merino wool. Post follows soon.

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Felt workshop in Glasgow: Felt your own bag, beret, vessel or slippers

Felt making is an ancient technique to create a woollen fabric. I love it and like to share my experience and skills with you. Wet felting is a really amazing process, where fluffy sheep's wool turns into a sturdy, but still soft fabric. You can create beautiful items, like decorative objects and wearables and give them your very personal creative and artistic touch.  

Shetland and merino wool felted bag
with needle felted leaf embellishment

In this wet felt class for intermediate and advanced felters you will

• create your own made-to-measure pattern

• use a resist to create a seamless bag, beret, vessel or slippers 

• learn about the process of wel felting around a resist to create a hollow felt

• experiment with colours and design

• take home your very personal felt piece 

 Basic experience in feltmaking is essential for this workshop.

 Please bring a towel, a bar of glycerin soap (e.g. pears) and a plastic bag for your finished, but still wet, felted item.

Tea will be provided. Please bring a packed lunch.

Venue: 35 Carnarvon Street, Glasgow, G3, (between Charing Cross and St Georges Cross)

Cost: £42 incl. material.    For 4-5 participants only.

Please book in advance to secure your place!

Email:  Mobile: 07503 210 416

Felted shetland and merino wool slippers

Wet felted merino wool beret