Wednesday, 7 August 2013

My needle felted dwarfs in my garden and out and about

Dwarfs in my garden

During the last months my passion for needle felting unfolded, when I needle felted woolly dwarfs. As I first worked the dwarf's body from coarse white or brown sheep's wool, shaping the head, body and limbs the little being became slowly alive. Mostly I used natural or dyed Shetland wool for the clothes, which I needle felted on the body, related to the unique character of the dwarf. 
Ah. it is fun, to experience the process of creating a little Nature Being! The most exciting part of the process is, when I create the face: the nose, the mouth and the expression of the eyes. That's just amazing, how the dwarf becomes alive, with a very unique expression of it's being! 
If you would like to buy one of the little woolly dwarfs ( They sell quickly!), or would you like me to create a very personal dwarf for you, please get in contact!
Would you like to create your own woolly needle felted dwarf or fairy, please feel free to contact me, as I run regular felt workshops in the Glasgow area.  
One day I took the dwarfs and went out for a walk to show them a lovely spot, North of Glasgow: Campsie Glen. I hope they liked it; I definitely did :-)    
You can see them here:

Little dwarf holding a bag with a treasure

Stone dwarf
Dwarf with mushrooms

On the roots of a big beech tree

Here they gather in the grass

Gathering dwarfs
Gathering dwarfs on a rock near the river

Here the dwarf family has expanded by a dwarf lady!

All the present members of the dwarf family are gathering in my garden

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