Monday, 5 December 2011

Felt workshops before Christmas in the Glasgow area

Starry angel
Make your own and very personal Christmas presents! 

I am running felt workshops in Glasgow's Westend every second week on Wednesday 4-5.30pm (Next dates: 7th and 21st of Dec. 2011) Suggested donation: £5
Felt workshops in GalGael in 15 Fairley Street/Ibrox: Every second week on Thursday 3.15-4.45pm (Next date: 15. of Dec. 2011). Suggested donation: £4/£3

Needle felt workshop in Bishopbriggs: Wednesday, 14th of Dec 10-11.30am. Suggested donation: £5

Interested in participating in a felt workshop? 
Please send an email to the following email address, to book
your place and receive the details for the venues: 

Felted baubles

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

New nuno scarves and what participants in the previous felt workshops created

I soooo much love nuno felting as more as I do it! Here you see my 2 newest nuno felt projects. This time I used a cotton voile instead of a chiffon silk fabric. It works fine and makes wrinkles too.
Planning to run a nuno felt workshop in Glasgow. If you would be interested, please send me a note: and let me know. Times could be either beginning of December or mid/end of January 2012.

Shetland wool /cotton voile fabric

Grey shetland wool and blue and turqouise
shades of merino wool on a cotton voile fabric, 
embellished with handspun wool
Make your own and very personal Christmas presents! 
I am running felt workshops in Glasgow's Westend every second week on Wednesday 4-5.30pm (next date:9.and 23. of Nov. and 7.and 21. of Dec. 2011)
Felt workshops in GalGael in 15 Fairley Street/Ibrox: Every second week on Thursday 3.15-4.45pm (next date: 3. and 17. of Nov. and 1. and 15. of Dec. 2011).
Felt workshops in Bishopbriggs: Wednesday, 30.of Nov. and 14. of Dec 10-11.30am 
Interested in participating in a felt workshop? 
Please send an email to the following email address, book your place and receive the details for the venues:

Beautiful wet felted lower

Cute needle felted gnome. It is not yet finished,
the beard is still missing

A special character this little gnome

Wet felted rainbow-spiral 

Saturday, 15 October 2011

My Autumn fairy and outcome from last week's felt workshops

To needle felt this Autumn fairy was good fun. Looking for something she could hold in her arm, I found an orange bead, which I had made a while ago and shape it into a pumkin. Then I made a little sunflower for the other arm. On her dress you can see autumn coloured leave shapes. 

Needle felted Autumn fairy with pumkin, leaves and sunflower
 This week needle felting was popular in the Wednesday workshop in Glasgow's Westend.

Needle felted ladybird
Friendly gnome, needle felted

Winter fairy, made by a girl of 8 years

Another winter fairy made by another girl of 8 years

Beautiful wet felted necklace on metal wire, made by a young student

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Felt workshops in October and November in GalGael in Ibrox/ Glasgow

Fancy to learn about felt making? Come along to Galgael on Thursday, 6th of October, 3.15 - 4.45pm. You can make a flat felt, or something else, using colourful sheeps wool. It's fun and easy to learn! Suggested donation: £4/ £3.There will be 3 more felt sessions, every fourtnight (20./10. and 3.+17./11.)  Please send me an email if you were up for it. ( ) The woolcraft group in Galgael is a group of volounteers, doing spinning, weaving, plant dyeing, knitting, crocheting and felting. We are happy to share our skills. If you like you can stay for longer. Thursday nights in Galgael are a great opportunity to get to know the place the guys and share food, poetry, songs, music and laughter ;-)
GalGael, 15 Fairley Street, Glasgow/Ibrox, G51 2TS(Phone:0141/4273070)

Photos from felt workshops run in September 2011

5 nuno felted scarves
These 5 beautiful scarves were made by 5 participants in a workshop run by me in Penicuik/south of Edinburgh. The workshop was part of the Penicuik and District Arts Festival in September 2011. The participants used colourful merino wool and a piece silk fabric.
Feed back from a participant: "Thank you for a wonderful workshop, Laryna really enjoyed it and full of inspiration to start my next scarf. It was great to see you again."C.J.

Mobile phone bag
These 2 mobile phone bags were felted by two girls, aged 8 years in a workshop run in Glasgow's Westend in September 2011.
Mobile phone bag

Felted flowers
Felted flowers created in another felt workshop in Glasgow.

Saturday, 20 August 2011

More felt workshops in August and September

The next 2 felt workshops, one in Glasgow's East (11am-12.30pm) and the other in the West of Glasgow (4-6pm), will run on Wed 31st of August. 
Come along to learn wet felting or improve the skills in felting you already have.  Have fun, enjoy and create something beautiful out of lovely coloured sheep's wool.  Workshops for children from 5 years onward and for adults. Children should be accompanied by an adult if I don't know them already.  Suggested donation for the 1.5 h workshop in Dennistoun £3 and for the 2 h workshop in the Westend £4 (or £6 if you will make a seamless pouch or mobile phone bag).

Arts and Crafts in the Garden
Felt workshop
Wednesday 31st Aug, 11-12.30pm

Dennistoun Community Garden
42-44 Circus Drive (round the back), G31 2JE

Fun for all age groups, from 5 years onward!

Contact Rox at 07708044560 or

...and in Glasgow's Westend
Felt workshop
Wednesday 31st Aug, 4-6pm
Carnavon Street

Fun for all age groups from 5 years onward!

Contact: Laryna at 07503210416 or email:
Nuno felt workshop
as part of the Penicuik and District Arts Festival
Saturday 10th of September 2011, 1-5pm, £25 
 West Street Arts Centre in Penicuik, venue #2
(Please book in advance, spaces are limited) 
Nuno felt scarf in warm colours

Nuno felt scarf in watery colours

Nuno felt scarf, 2 slightly different sides
 Nuno felting is a fabric felt technique. The name is derived from the Japanese word "nuno", which means cloth. the technique bonds loose fibres, usually wool into a sheer fabric such as silk gauze, creating a lightweight felt. You will learn how to make a nuno scarf, using wool and a piece of silk fabric. Previous experience in felting or good craft skills would be required. 

Contact: Laryna 07503210416 or email:

Please check out the website of Penicuik and District Arts Festival:

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Felt workshop in Glasgow's Westend

We had a lovely workshop in wet felting, making necklaces around a cotton thread, felting rainbow- or chakra-beads and felting a snake (no photo yet :-( ).

Necklaces, wet felted around a cotton thread

Monday, 18 July 2011

Earthy stuff, dry and wet felted

Green man number 2 with black backround

Green man number 2 with white backround
    Another Green man has been created. Oh, it is soooo much fun to sculpture faces. But,'s not soooo very easy. You get practise with every face you sculpture. 

The dwarf family has now 4 members!

Friday, 15 July 2011

Felt workshops in Glasgow's Westend, the next one will be on Tuesday the 19th of July 2011

Three beautiful flowers made by three beautiful girls

One more beautiful flower
 On Wednesday the 13th of July I facilitated a felt workshop teaching how to felt flowers in a very special way. Here you will find the link to the next felt workshop in Glasgow's Westend on Tuesday, the 19th of July 2011:
You are very welcome! Please book in advance.
Felted flower and a case for a mobile phone

Friday, 1 July 2011

More dwarfs in my garden

The dwarf family is growing
He looks a bit surprised.

...can you hear him talking?

Saturday, 25 June 2011

More felted faces

A little dwarf in my garden
After needle felting the face of the "Green man", I'm now more practicing sculptured faces. It's very interesting and much fun!
This wild rose fairy is a bit taller (24cm) as the previous fairies which I have created. The arms are movable and she can hold a felted rose in her hand.
Wild rose fairy

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Some projects from June: Felted "Green Man" and flower brooches

Creating the face of a "Green Man" was a very special challenge for me. I started needle felting the face, sculpturing the different parts like forehead, chin, mouth, nose and cheeks and at least the eyes. Wow, I was surprised how he looked like, quite alive. As an art therapist I was used to sculpture with clay and this skill helps me to sculpture with wool and felt needle.. 
This green man face was now sitting there and I wasn't sure how to move on with the leaves. Eventually I made a wet felted flat felted piece with different green shades. Wow it was exactly the size of felt I needed for the leaves which I attached to the face by needle felting. I embellished the leaves with green and brown shades of wool and here it is now! 

Blue turquoise wet felted flower brooch

This month I facilitated 2 workshops for an international women's group in Glasgow. The women felted jewellery, like brooches, earrings and necklaces. They enjoyed the creative work, using their hands and shaping colourful wool into beautiful jewellery.  These brooches were made by me as samples and to inspire the women.
Are you interested to learn about wet and needle felting, and you are living in or near Glasgow/UK, please let me know I am happy to share my skills and offer workshops for adults and for parents and children. Just leave a comment or send an email.

Wet felted flower brooch

2 brooches created out of a flat felted piece

Thursday, 21 April 2011

More needle felted insects

Have a look on some needle felted butterflies and a ladybird, which have appeared in my garden ;-) The butterflies are actually brooches.
I haven't used any prefelt, so it's just fluffy wool, felted with a felt needle.
Pink butterfly brooch
Orange butterfly brooch

Turquoise purple butterfly in my garden

3 more butterflies....


Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Make needle felted animals for your Easter decoration

Woolly needle felted chicken
It's great fun to needle felt little animals!  I learned a lot about proportions and shapes of these animals, just by doing the needle felting. We will have a go on needle felting animals with adults and kids in Glasgow's Westend on Friday, 22nd of April 2011 3.30-5pm. Interested? Please send me a text or give me a call! 07503 210 416  Or come along to Bishopbriggs on Thursday morning 10-11.30am. (This workshop is only for adults.)  Both workshops are by donation::£ 3 - 4

Woolly bunny
Hare and bunny, saying "hello" to each other

Needle felted bunny. Isn't it cute?

One more hare