Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Some projects from June: Felted "Green Man" and flower brooches

Creating the face of a "Green Man" was a very special challenge for me. I started needle felting the face, sculpturing the different parts like forehead, chin, mouth, nose and cheeks and at least the eyes. Wow, I was surprised how he looked like, quite alive. As an art therapist I was used to sculpture with clay and this skill helps me to sculpture with wool and felt needle.. 
This green man face was now sitting there and I wasn't sure how to move on with the leaves. Eventually I made a wet felted flat felted piece with different green shades. Wow it was exactly the size of felt I needed for the leaves which I attached to the face by needle felting. I embellished the leaves with green and brown shades of wool and here it is now! 

Blue turquoise wet felted flower brooch

This month I facilitated 2 workshops for an international women's group in Glasgow. The women felted jewellery, like brooches, earrings and necklaces. They enjoyed the creative work, using their hands and shaping colourful wool into beautiful jewellery.  These brooches were made by me as samples and to inspire the women.
Are you interested to learn about wet and needle felting, and you are living in or near Glasgow/UK, please let me know I am happy to share my skills and offer workshops for adults and for parents and children. Just leave a comment or send an email.

Wet felted flower brooch

2 brooches created out of a flat felted piece

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the weaver said...

Your Green Man's face is fantastic! Well done!!! It has got all the wonder of the wild woods in him! Keep them coming.. whoa!
I must upload for you to see the flower man from Katie Macdonald (?) in Cockenzie....