Woolly fairies, gnomes and other little folk

Peace fairy with dove and heart
Sunflower fairy
The woolen fairies are needle felted out of fluffy, colourful sheep's wool. They are about 18-20cm tall. Some of the gnomes are smaller! The prices are individual and are depending on the size and the time it takes me to create the fairy or gnome. You are welcome to commission your personalized fairy. Just let me know which one you like. I am open and happy to fulfill your fairy wish....+*+*+*+*
Pink fairy,Sally and a little elf

Rose fairy 1
Rose fairy 2

Toadstols with little dwarf

Rainbow fairy

Crystal dwarf
Friends in the wood

With my dwarf couple

A dwarf family in the grass
3 little dwarfs visiting my garden

A little gnome, who cares for somebody's house
Gnome with lantern

Going for a wander

More flower fairies

Little beauty, pink fairy
Foxglove fairy

Snowdrop fairy

Lotus deva
Spring flower fairy
Ivy fairy
Purple fairy Grandmother
Spring fairy

Wood fairy
Marigold fairy
Rose fairy

  *   *   *

Christmas fairy



Hi Laryna,
I really like your talent to create. Thank you for sharing your skills.

Laryna Elisabeth Wuppermann said...

Dear Sharam, thank you for your kind words and apprecciation of my work! I really love to create these beings and support others to be creative.
5 September 2014 07:29