Woolly Angels

Getting creative with sheep's wool is very much relaxing and enjoyable. If you would like to learn how to make these fluffy little angels or other little beings, you can take part in one of my workshops. For example: dThursdays 10.00am -11.30am in Glasgow/Bishopbriggs, costs: £5/£4 . If you are interested to purchase one of these angels, then you are welcome to do so. I am happy to make you a personalized angel.
The woollen angels are between 12 and 20cm high and the price is between £5 and £15, depending on size and time I have spent creating them. The woolly angels sell quite fast and if the one you would like has been sold, no problem, I make you another one, send you a photo of it and you tell me if you would like to purchase it or what you would like to have differently. 

Woollen Angels

Fluffy Angel


And a dark haired Angel

Soft angel for a newborn girl

Woolly Angel 

Angel with some sparkles

Turquoise angel with movable arms

Pink angel with movable arms 

Bright blue Angel with movable arms

Link to see more hand made woollen Angels