Friday, 20 December 2013

Hot water bottel cover

Felting a hot water bottle cover was my wish for quite a while...and here it is! For the base I used white Shetland wool, which I got as a fleece and washed, teased and carded. 

Hot water bottle cover in progress

Looking for an appropriate design I used brown-, red-, orange- and yellow shades from merino wool for the fiery embellishment. I love the cover and it is so cozy and soft and of course warm.  

The fiery finished cover


Cameo Slaybaugh said...

I love your hot water bottle cover. Do you sell your items? Thanks. Cameo

Laryna Elisabeth Wuppermann said...

Thanks Cameo, yes I do sell the felted items and take commissions. I still enjoy this cosy hot water bottle cover, as I kept it for myself. :-) Please, email me, if you would like to know more.