Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Create a seamless pouch, wrist cuffs or vessel

In this half day wet felt workshop you'll learn to create a seamless felt item e. g.  a pouch, a pair of wrist cuffs or a vessel. With colourful sheep’s wool fibres, warm water, soap and friction you’ll learn to felt around a template to create a hollow felt item. You can create your own design choosing from many colour shades. Then the fluffy soft wool fibres will be transformed into a firm, felted useful item. It’s great fun to experience the process of wet felting.  Craft experience and basic felt experience are welcome. If you are new to wet felting it is useful to first participate in a beginner wet felt workshop. If wet felting is new to you but you have craft experience, then I recommend to create a felt item like a pouch.
This workshop is suitable for children age 10+ with interest in craft and accompanied by an adult. 
Price: £25 max. 4 participants. Please book and pay in advance to secure your place. 

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