Saturday, 15 January 2011

All day felt-making workshop in Penicuik

Last Thursday, the 6th of January, I worked with some lovely people in Penicuik delivering a wet felting course.
Making Space Penicuik writes:
".....we had a great full day and full-on felting workshop with 6 women and one child facilitated by Laryna from Glasgow. It was an advanced/intermediate wet felting course, but most participants had not done much or even any wet felting at all."{my friend}...... "organised the workshop because proper wet-felting, esp of strong wearebles, is not on offer in the Saturday sessions at the town hall, but as people really wanted to have both the experience of the fullness of felt craft for a change, plus because they wanted to wear something proper made of felt, such as hat or a bag".

Here you see a reversible hat in two colours in different stages of the felting process

When I was asked to facilitate an all day felt workshop I agreed instantly, because I really love to share my skills and experience.
After I demonstrated the process of a seamless felted bag everybody started with her own project of choice, like bags, pouches and hats. After the coloured wool had been chosen and the templates have been made, the laying out of fibers could start.... Hot water and soap were prepared to be applied to the fibers. The hands started to glide gently over the netting which was protecting the fibers from sliding apart.
Making Space Penicuik wrote on, showing some pictures: "Here you see one of the first finished felt projects: Katie's bag ready for taking home and making felt bead closure. It is quite hard work to get it all right - the even layering of the fibres, to make the seamless smooth and firm, and full (rolling hard) the fabric until desired wearable firmness is achieved."

Sarah's big shoulder bag ready to be cut open.

"Craft instructor and maker Laryna was very impressed with the outcomes: Really beautifully and strongly worked seamless felt fabric items! And the new makers were happy about the outcome of this day. Plans are being hatched to no more buy Christmas presents but to make them oneself!"
Good luck and fun for that and better start right now! says I!
"More pictures of the felts of this day and the 'fabulous way of removing air' (= another name for 'felt making') to follow. So watch this space!"

Anneruth made a couple of short videos of the felt demonstration, so I am certainly watching that space, too!
Thank you, Making Space Penicuik, for your kind words, fab spirit and great pictures! It is so hard to make pictures myself when I have all hands full in a workshop!

And I love it having my hands full - so, everybody out there in Glasgow and further afield:
Are y o u interested to learn about felt making? Please contact me and ask for more information!

Maxines felted bag, lovely embellished

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