Monday, 3 September 2012

Participant's work from the Nuno felt workshop on Sunday, the 2nd of Sept. 2012 and my own latest Nuno felt scarf

We had a happy craft day with nuno felting. I love it and I'm happy to share my experience in felt making. Here you see 2 Nuno felt scarf projects from workshop participants and one of my latest Nuno felt scarves:
The fabric is cotton muslin, the wool is Merino and a little grey Shetland wool. For the embellishment hand spun wool in grey and moss green has been used.

Finished, but still wet Nuno felt Scarf

Detail from finished Nuno felt scarf

The fabric is silk chiffon and the wool is Merino and Corridale. A little bit of Angelina fiber was added, trapped with a thin layer of wool 

My last Nuno felt scarf, using silk chiffon, Shetland wool in white and grey and a little swartbless wool, embellished with hand spun wool of the same qualities

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