Thursday, 7 February 2013

Nuno felt class in Glasgow's West End, on Sat. 16th of Feb. 2013

Firery nuno scarf
In this nuno felt class you can learn to felt a light scarf, using a cotton muslin or silk chiffon fabric and sheep‘ s wool fibres. Nuno is the Japanese word for fabric. That means, the nuno technique is a combination of a loosely woven fabric and sheep's wool, felted together.
Felt making is very creative and real fun!
This workshop is suitable for
beginners with general experience in textile craft, or good craft skills, or for participants with intermediate felt skills
In this workshop you will
    - learn how to combine wool with cotton muslin or silk chiffon fabric.
   - experiment with colours and design
   - use fringes for decoration
   - create a wearable felt scarf

Please bring an old towel for the felting and a packed lunch for a wee break.
Costs: £30/£26conc. incl. material.
Please book in advance as places are limited. 

Feel free to spread the word about this workshop.

Testimonial by one of the participants of a nuno felt class, which I facilitated last November:
"In response to a Nuno felt workshop held and taught by Laryna E. Wuppermann on the month of November 2012 in Glasgow, I would like to extend my gratitude to her excellence in the felt making process and teaching abilities. I will gladly be a student for future felt making activities by Laryna. I feel her experties is of great value to any creative mind of any age and I look forward to my next creative felt workshop."
Grey Shetland wool and blue turquoise merino wool

Different shades of natural Shetland wool and cotton muslin

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