Monday, 30 June 2014

At the Royal Highland Show

Royal Highland Show in Ingliston/Edinburgh

Galgael's wood craft and wool craft stall at the RHS
From the 19th to the 22nd of June I was enjoying fantastic times at the Royal Highland Show. I was part of a team of volunteers at GalGael. As Galgael is a place of people mainly working with wood, we wool crafters, Gillian and myself had the opportunity to demonstrate wool craft beside the wood carvers. We practiced, demonstrated and supervised weaving at different kinds of looms: 
1.Rag rug weaving on an upright floor loom. 
Floor loom

2. Warping and weaving a scarf, using a table loom.

Making a warp in a very simple way with 3 stakes

Finished warp ready to go on the hand loom

We used hand spun plied sheep's wool for warp and weft.

3. Inkle loom warped with cotton threads
The wool craft area with inkle loom and table loom
We had 2 spinning wheels, a couple of drop spindles, hand carders and a drum carder for use. 
Those visitors, who wished could try their luck at weaving and spinning and were supervised by Gillian and myself. We had interesting, inspiring and fun conversations with visitors of the show and were a great team together with the wood carvers. I hope we did Galgael proud! Really enjoyed these days at the show!
Spinning at my scottish spinning wheel

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