Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Non Stuff Festival at Wiston Lodge

Last weekend I went to the fantastic Non Stuff Festival at Wiston Lodge/Biggar.The lodge is a large estate surrounded by beautiful woodland. The place is mainly used for nature related events and workshops.

The first Non Stuff Festival was organized by "The Forgotten Works" and many volunteers. 

When I arrived at Friday afternoon, my tent was the first been put up on the large grass area near the pond. What a beautiful campsite! The photo below shows the the view at the next morning.

My tent in the morning sun :-)

The festival included many unamplified performing brilliant music groups, permaculture, lots of interesting, fantastic workshops and games. There were so many interesting lovely people and I met people I hadn't seen for quite a while, which was very nice. So we all had lots of fun, learned something new in workshops and enjoyed the many great musical performances and each others company.

I was offering 2 needle felt workshops on Saturday. The first workshop on Saturday morning was about showing how to make woolly fairies. Four ladies joined me and we had a great creative time. Everyone  made her very unique ornament. 

The afternoon workshop, in lovely warm sunshine on the lawn, was a busier one. Children and adults had fun creating fruits vegetables and leaves from fluffy colourful wool. We were so lucky with warm and sunny weather on Friday and Saturday. I had to leave early on Sunday morning, but the festival went on to Sunday night. 

Photo: A couple of colourful items made by talented participants in needle felt workshops at #NonStuff Festival last weekend at Wiston Lodge
Collage from participants needle felt creations

Feeling glad I went to the Non Stuff Festival, even it was only for a bit more that half of the whole event. Wiston Lodge and its surroundings is beautiful place and I very much enjoyed it being there. I look forward to the next Non Stuff Festival and my next visit at the lodge :-)

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