Monday, 25 March 2013

My latest projects: Needle felted dwarfs, slippers and a vessel

Little dwarf with a treasure bag
It's such great fun for me to needle felt these little dwarfs. They are little characters! While I'm creating them they develop this character and then I know what colour shade to use and what tool or item they'll carry. I'm happy to teach how to create these and other little figures in my felt workshops in Glasgow and surroundings. Here you can find out more about felt workshops:

4 dwarfs in my garden

These are my first felted slippers, made from white shetland wool and triangular pre-felted colourful scraps. I used a cardboard template much bigger than my feet to felt these seemless slippers. The felting and especially the fulling was hard work and took me a couple of hours.  
Eventually it was rewarding and I love to wear them on my feet and feel the warmth and coziness.

Wet felted slippers


This vessel was felted around a template like the slippers above. This time it was interesting for me to see how I would manage to shape it and will the shape stay the way I wanted it. I worked from the inside and outside of the vessel to shape it nicely. Because of the four layers of wool the vessel is strong enough to keep it's shape, as you can see in the photo below!  
The vessel in progress, just after cutting out the opening. 
You can see the black template.

The finished and shaped vessel, still damp

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