Monday, 31 March 2014

Two felt workshops for the "Journey on" participants in GalGael

I know GalGael in Glasgow-Ibrox for 6 years and I love this place! Here people are trained in traditional crafts, boats are built and an open hearted community is created over many years. 
I am a wool craft volunteer in GalGael, joining the clan on most Thursday late afternoons till late.
In February and March I facilitated 2 felt workshops on Fridays for participants of the "JOURNEY ON" program. 
It was good fun and everybody went home with a mostly colourful self made item from felted wool. 
During the first workshop the participants learned about the basics of wet felting and applied it. They created a firmly felted solid ball or stone shaped item and a flat felt from colourful fluffy sheep's wool. 

Firmly felted balls and stones

Colourful flat felts
In the second felt workshop those, who had learned and applied the basic wet felt skills in the first workshop went on learning how to felt a seamless felted pouch. 

Seamless pouches and more balls and flat felts

Good fun to make the pouches firm and strong by banging them on the table. Yes, that helps! 
To find out more about Galgael, please check out their website:

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