Thursday, 10 April 2014

A needle felted crystal dwarf

Yesterday I spend a couple of hours being creative with needle felting. The outcome was a little crystal dwarf, who is looking a little bit surprised or curious. I had started to needle felt the body a little while ago. This time it took me some time before I knew what kind of nature being he will become. A dwarf, a gnome or even a troll? I looked through my growing range of coloured fluffy sheep's wool. The bright blue caught my awareness and I thought what character what nature being could have this blue as clothes. As a friend of crystals and crystal healer I realized the closeness of this particular bright blue to the colour of the blue lace achate. So, it was clear then, the character of  a blue lace achate dwarf will take shape. When I create a dwarf or a gnome, I am usually in silence, completely absorbed in my work, which I love. The little being then develops its very special character, and takes on its own life.    
Can you see it? There he is!
If you were interested to learn needle - and/or wet felting  I'm running felt workshops in Glasgow and surroundings. Here you can find out more or send me an email.

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