Saturday, 1 February 2014

Good fun at today's needle felt workshop

When I prepared the room for today's needle felt workshop I felt already excited. I very much enjoy to share my love for felting with others. To inspire the participants, this little robin was sitting in a display with a couple of other needle felted items, related to this time of year: Imbolc - the promise of Spring. 
Needle felted robin
What a great fun we had! Everybody had already well established experience in different kinds of craft. Even though half of the participant group were needle felt beginners, they picked up the main principles very quickly and got creative with the colourful wool fibres. 

Everybody, the needle felt beginners and the already experienced felters, who took part in previous workshops and have developed there own individual style in needle felting was happily needling along. The noise of needles, poking in the wool and the underlying sponge was filling the room: s s s s s s s s 
There was a lot of chatting, of laughter and sharing stories and experience in craft making. A cup of tea and biscuits were enjoyed while the felting went on.
After 3 hours a bunch of happy women left my house: A new skill had been learned or the expertise in felt making had been improved.  
What a fantastic morning!

Crocus, leaf and ladybird

White and green Snowdrops and butterflies
Thistle blossom and butterfly

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